MICRO BAKERY COURSE “If you want to learn about bread then this is the course to attend. Tuition of the highest standard. Covering everything from the Chorleywood Bread Process to Sourdough. Those that know, will understand the differences between these two processes. Gaye, the Bread Angel, made me feel welcome the moment I arrived inviting me warmly into her home.

After a quick cup of tea and a chat over what my experience of bread making was, we were straight into it. Gaye’s approach to teaching suited my style of learning. An explanation, followed by a demonstration then allowed maximum hands on. Offering tips and further guidance, whilst still allowing me to learn through trial and error.

Day two started with a recap of what I learnt on day one, followed by varied baking schedule. Gaye was at hand to offer small reminders, but generally allowed me to work at my own pace.

No question was too difficult, trust me I like to ask questions! Day two finished and after a quick sample of the loaves in the bake, I left with a box and bag of bread.

Gaye’s support hasn’t stop there. I have received advice, links to articles that were topics of conversation during the course and suggested baking schedules, by email.

All in all an excellent two days that I would recommend to anyone. Whether that be to learn the basics of bread or build a foundation for your aspiring Micro Bakery. Thank you Gaye” Justin Christoforou-Hazelwood April 2017

MICRO BAKERY COURSE  “Recently I had the pleasure of attending a Bread Angel bread making course with Gaye Whitwam which was held in her beautiful kitchen at her home in Wallington. I must say from the moment I met Gaye I felt immediately comfortable and at ease especially when presented with a welcome cup of coffee.

Throughout my weekend course nothing was too much trouble for Gaye and any questions or queries that I had were answered in a clear and concise way. I had such an enjoyable baking experience that I have no reservations in recommending Gaye” David Jones, Know your Loaf Bakery, March 2017

MICRO BAKERY COURSE “Gaye has been involved with Sutton Community Farm from the very beginning – as a supportive local resident, and, of course, as a baker of very fine loaves for our VegBox customers, community lunches and many, many events. For our community lunches alone, Gaye has baked around 1,000 loaves since 2011! Each week feeding many hungry mouths coming in for a hearty soup and bread lunch break. Those of our VegBox customers that have bought her loaves give them high praise indeed. They value her commitment to real bread, using the best ingredients that make Sticky Mitts products so tasty. For myself, I’ve attended one of Gaye’s bread making classes and discovered how easy it is to bake my own – although to be honest, I mostly leave it to experts like Gaye to get my lovely loaf! We wish Gaye the very best of luck in all her future endeavours and look forward to working together in the future to celebrate creating and eating good food” Charlotte Steele, General Manager,Sutton Community Farm, March 2017

MICRO BAKERY COURSE “I cannot speak too highly of Gaye.
Not only are her bakes and cakes outstanding, courses informative, practical and fun, but she is always there when I have question (and I have many!).
An outstanding Bread Angel and who goes the extra mile (and more) to help and guide newbies
Well done”  Martin Judd, What the Dickens Bakery, August 2016

MICRO BAKERY COURSE “Empowering! Great course: baking skills, practical information, resources & a ready-made network.

If you like to bake and like the idea of staring a little (or not so little…it’s up to you!) business from home, at times that work for you, then this is the course for you. I completed it over two days last weekend with Gaye and another BA, Julia, who was on hand to help. They were full of knowledge, information, tales of past experiences, suggestions and, most importantly, are living proof that it is possible to set up a micro-bakery from your own home. I have been at home raising children for over a decade but the time has come for a change. Until this weekend, I didn’t know what to do; I had lost all confidence in my (perceived lack of) marketable abilities; and felt a bit despondent. Now I can see the possibilities before me and know that I have the skills and support network to create something fulfilling. Give it a go! Catherine, November 2015

BASIC BREAD COURSE “What an awesome experience learning to bake different types of bread in different ways. I feel like getting straight to experimenting with the dough on my own now. Would surely want to take it further” Charles, October 2015

SOURDOUGH COURSE “Gaye ran this course with military precision. Always something to do, study, look at and most importantly BAKE! If you want to know about all things sourdough then you must do this course. Gaye makes loaves for the Sutton Community Farm and for private clients too. I left with a wonderful recipe book with what I had made during the day in there for future reference as well as a box of hot focaccia, a sourdough loaf, rye bread and pizza doughs. Absolutely delicious home made lunch with ingredients from the farm”  Dan, September 2015

MICRO BAKERY COURSE “Just spent a great week-end with Bread Angel, Gaye, in her beautiful kitchen baking lots of bread and learning how to set up a micro bakery. Gaye is very knowledgeable and offered lots of advice as to how to get started. She was very encouraging and enthusiastic and has spurred me on to get started ASAP!! Anyone who is thinking of doing the micro bakery course would be well advised to contact her as she is a very knowledgeable baker and business woman and offers a lot of support and friendship via the other Bread Angels throughout the country. I am already planning my strategy and will be piloting my friends to start the business on Gaye’s advice. Many thanks Gaye for a great week-end!” Pauline, Oxford June 2015

MICRO BAKERY COURSE “Gaye, you’ll be so proud of me! I just spent the afternoon @ the bi-annual farmers’ market at my school. I made 60 (yes 60!) loaves. 12 each of sandwich white, cheese and pumpkin, granary and cranberry, seeded wholemeal and pesto olive bread and I sold every single one of them for £3 each! I was up way before the dawn so bone weary now but a massive sense of achievement too. Thanks for all your knowledge and encouraging words on the course. I’ve done it! I AM A BAKER!!! Tizzy Rose Feb 2015

BASIC BREAD COURSE “Having always wanted to make bread by hand but never quite got round to taking the plunge, the one day Basic Bread Course offered by Stickymitts seemed the perfect answer to get me started. The course covered everything I wanted it to and much more. Thanks to Gaye’s expert and reassuring tuition I brought home with me 3 delicious and almost perfectly formed different kinds of loaf that I had managed to make myself. I am now looking forward to doing the same at home. Thank you Gaye.” Richard Bennett Feb 2015

BASIC BREAD COURSE “This is the perfect bread course if you want hands on practice. Gaye is indubitably knowledgeable; her guidance will help you conquer all your bread woes that have so far inhibited your loaves being light and springy! Thank you Gaye- so much fun and practically informative”  Xuan and Payam Feb 2015

MICRO-BAKERY COURSE “Many thanks for this Gaye and for all your encouragement. I really do feel very lucky to have happened upon Virtuous Bread via R4. The name of my business is Well-Bread and I am in Teddington which is in SW London. Thanks again” Alex Sumner Nov 2014

MICRO-BAKERY COURSE “From the first moment of contact my experience with Gaye has been one of joy. Despite being a keen baking course attendee, there was much to learn on a very well thought out and delivered Bread Angels course. Over two days we picked up many valuable skills and techniques as well as recipes. I loved the fact the Bread Angels course was what I wanted, a course using a bog standard home oven, as opposed to industrial ovens, but no less professional as well as proper written guidance to create an ancillary business from home.

Gaye has a gentle confident teaching style patiently answering our numerous queries.
During the second day we had to take ownership of a recipe and convert it, so much better than just explaining how to do it, therefore far more likely we will repeat the exercise alone. If you want a hands on bread course with concise notes and lots of support and encouragement, then Gaye and the Bread Angels brand is the place to go”. Roxanne Aug 2014

MICRO-BAKERY COURSE “This enjoyable, stimulating course really hit the spot for me with comprehensive practical information on setting up a microbakery business and a great deal of useful advice and shared experience in creating bread that will sell to different customers. I returned home raring to go. Perhaps the best accolade I could give Gaye is that Everybread was trading less than four months later. Gaye has been a terrific support since the course, continuing to share her knowledge and experience and put me in touch with others who can help. This is not only a teaching programme, it is the entry into a supportive network of fellow micro bakers” Iain Every June 2014

MICRO-BAKERY COURSE “Knowledgeable, approachable, generous and supportive – Gaye as a Bread Angel trainer and mentor has ticked all four boxes and more. Gaye generously shared her wide knowledge and experience of a micro-bakery business and bread baking, welcoming the trainee Bread Angels into her kitchen and then continuing to support us in the months ahead. It was a fantastic experience that gave a solid foundation and one I would recommend to anyone who wants to make the move to micro-bakery bread baking. If you do, Gaye’s your woman!” Michelle Stratford March 2014

MICRO-BAKERY COURSE ” cannot speak too highly of Gaye.
Not only are her bakes and cakes outstanding, courses informative, practical and fun, but she is always there when I have question (and I have many!).
An outstanding Bread Angel and who goes the extra mile (and more) to help and guide newbies”  Martin Judd, August 2016

MICRO-BAKERY COURSE What a wonderful week-end with Gaye learning how to set up a micro bakery. Returned home with delicious bread, fantastic handouts and recipes, new found knowledge and boosted confidence and enthusiasm to take my bread journey to the next level. So delighted to be part of the welcoming and supportive network of Bread Angels. I would highly recommend one of Gaye’s courses, she has so much experience and passes it on in such kind and relaxed way, you hardly realise how much you are learning! the mark of an excellent teacher. Many, many thanks. Catherine, January 2017