Small Food Awards Winner


Virtuous Bread and the School of Artisan Food in Nottinghamshire jointly launched the Awards this year. Specifically designed to celebrate small, professional food producers in the UK who are committed to excellence and to growing their brand.

To qualify for entry the producers must work in a non-professional environment – such as a home or community kitchen – employ no more than two people and not have access to super expensive professional equipment that allows them to mechanise processes.

My entry was a Swedish Rye loaf flavoured with orange juice, molasses, fennel seeds and cardamon. The judge was Wayne Caddy – the highly talented and experienced head of baking at the School. He represented the UK at the baking Coupe du Monde (the equivalent of the baking World Cup!) a few years ago.

This was his feedback on my loaf “aromatic and sweet, great crumb, eats well, good scoring and crust colour, well caramlised, really well controlled, good depth of flavour but not overpowering”.

I delivered the bread for this week’s VegBags at the Sutton Community Farm early on Thursday morning and then travelled to Nottinghamshire for the Awards Ceremony. Two other Bread Angels also won awards.

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